Denver Mall World Wide Gems Sun Moon Jewelry | Sun and Moon Bracelet Set | USA Factory Outlet

World Wide Gems Sun Moon Jewelry | Sun and Moon Bracelet Set |
World Wide Gems Sun  Moon Jewelry | Sun and Moon Bracelet Set |

  • ABOUT :- This unique handmade stretchable bracelet is handcrafted by our artisan in our manufacturing unit situated at JAIPUR (Pink City of India).Each peice is of high quality.
  • UNISEX HANDMADE BRACELET :- Fits most of the size - Comfortable to wear.This product gives you a better wearing experience.Feel free to contact us for any customization.
  • MATERIAL :- Semi precious gemstone beads. This bracelet is threaded with a strong elastic string. Flexible but not loose. Comfortable wearing, durable string could wear each day. Sun amp; Moon Jewelry | Sun and Moon Bracelet Set | Sunstone and Moonstone Bracelets | Sun and Moon Matching Beaded Pair | Gold or Silver Beads 3-4mm Code- WAR6048
  • RETURN POLICY := 30 DAYS 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE amp; FREE SHIPPING. In case of any dissatisfaction, you can get a full refund. If you have any question please contact us, We will respond within 24 hours.
  • CUSTOMIZATION :- Contact us for any type of customization. We can provide you this bracelet in any bead size range from 2 mm to 18 mm. Beads can be faceted/smooth on demand.Bulk order accepted.


Our process of manufacturing starts from sourcing raw gemstone material which is called "gemstone rough" of each type of gemstone from local market. After that first process is to cut the gemstone rough in required shape/size/type. Cutting/polishing/treatment if required is done as per requirement. After that these finished gemstones and gemstone beads are used for making jewelry as required. Also we sell loose gemstone too. For making loose beads strands we provide the finished gemstone beads to our employee who are assorters. They choose the best and after assorting the gemstone beads our other artisan uses them as per required jewelry making. This whole process is handmade. Loose beads of each type of gemstone is paired in strand of metal/other material as per required beads size/type/shape and as per strand length. For making beads rosary chain the above process is then processed further as these finished beads strands are given to trained/experienced artisans who uses these beads and material needed for wire wrapping to make beads rosary chain. This process is fully handmade. After that the finished rosary chain is polished as per requirement. These process follows for making gemstone pendants/gemstone earrings/gemstone bracelets and all our other handmade gemtone beads jewelry. When our each type of jewelry and products are fully manufactured then they are sent for qualtiy control dept. so that they can be quality checked. Finalised products are then sent to our Photography dept. After getting their photos these products are measured for every details like Product Size/shape/type/weight etc. by our working staff. At last they are packed and stored in our storage for selling.

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Denver Mall World Wide Gems Sun Moon Jewelry | Sun and Moon Bracelet Set | USA Factory Outlet

TAIYUANNT Innenwandleuchte Schatten-LED Wandleuchte Acryl Mode S Ändert nie die Farbe, mit guter Vibrationsfestigkeit. Reine weiße und elegante Design eignen sich hervorragend für den Einbau in Wohnzimmer, Esszimmer, Schlafzimmer, Bad, Flur, Arbeitszimmer, Kommode, Spiegelschrank, Flur. Low Stromverbrauch und Umweltschutz, sparen Sie Ihr Geld. Perfekte Beleuchtung für Badlampe Wohnzimmer Schlafzimmer Treppenhaus Flur Wandbeleuchtung. Einfaches Design, exquisite Handwerkskunst, perfekte Interpretation von Mode-Geschmack, alle Arten von Dekoration Stil sind perfekte Übereinstimmung. Produktbeschreibungen Größe:Wall lamp with bulb Input: AC90 ~ 260V, 50 / 60HzHauptmaterialien: Acrylic + GalvanisierungsmetallFinishing Farbe: Schwarz FarbeLED-Quelle: Linear LED lamp5W (Fügen Sie die Lichtquelle)Maße: L320mm * W180mmHinweis: Die Standard-LED-Farbtemperatur warmweiß.Es sind Birnen inbegriffen: JaSchatten Regie: Up amp; DownAnwendung: Bett RoomIst dimmbar: JaNiedrige Art: KeilSpannung: 90-260VSpannung: 220VStromversorgung: ACSchaltertyp: Touch-Ein / Aus-SchalterKörpermaterial: AluminiumShade Typ: shadelessLichtquelle: LED-BirnenStil: ART DECOEigenschaften: LED-moderne LeuchterVerbrauch: HOLIDAYTechnik: GemaltMaterial: LegierungInstallationstyp: WandmontageProdukttyp: WandleuchtenAnzahl der Lichtquellen: 5Beleuchtung-Bereich: 10-15square MeterIntelligente Art: Unterstützt nicht intelligentLampenkörpermaterial: AluminiumLampenkörper und Hilfsmaterial: AluminiumHauptmaterial des Schattens: AluminiumLichtquelle: LED-ChipBestrahlungsfläche: Alle fünf - 10 QuadratmeterLichtquelle: Mit QuelleGröße: L320mm * W180mmGehäusefarbe: Schwarz often, this takes dozens—sometimes even hundreds—of hours. each guide plainly lays out all the evidence for how we made our picks so you can judge for yourself. Denver Mall World Wide Gems Sun Moon Jewelry | Sun and Moon Bracelet Set | USA Factory Outlet World Wide Gems Sun Moon Jewelry | Sun and Moon Bracelet Set | Beleuchtung => Innenbeleuchtung => Leuchten für Kinder Huge Discounts For Sale

Common names: grey conebush, silky conebush (Eng.); knokkerbos...

A very attractive shrub with twisted, hairy leaves and large maroon-...

Kirstenbosch NBG
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Common names: stone crop (Eng.)

This is an attractive plant and probably one of the most low...

National Herbarium Pretoria
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